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Accountant. Published Author. Professor. Speaker. Entrepreneur.

So I Graduated, Now What Do I Do?

“So I Graduated, Now What Do I Do?” is an entertaining, comprehensive, and all-inclusive read on real-life financial concepts that are not being taught in urban community schools. This easy read takes you on a practical path of a girl who struggled in an urban community, as a single mother of three, trying to figure out life in financial management. Her financial losses, struggles, and bad decisions become the reader’s gain as lessons in financial literacy are taught. This book informs and educates the reader on how to properly implement the financial lessons in their own lives.


Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. —Nelson Mandela






- Our Reason

"Growing up I was exposed to a very limited and convoluted view of financial literacy. My family never talked about it and the schools I attended never taught it. Upon becoming a young adult, this left me very misinformed. The "American way" of teaching financial literacy is to go to school, rack up debt in the process and work for someone else.  It’s ironic that this picture was painted very clear, and starting at the age of 18, I was stranded in a foreign land where leveraging, budgeting and credit determined my livelihood. With no prior knowledge of how these things worked, just like you, I started to run the rat race. I fell in cyclical trends that I couldn’t break.

       Destined, determined and set out by God, I started to gather the answers to the questions we didn’t know to ask. I started a project to bring difficult financial concepts into a simple, single source. I started this journey with “you” in mind. A strategy that I created to unlock our understanding of the financial situations we are in rather good or bad. Our perspectives can either hold us back or forge us ahead. Please join me on this journey of changing the face of our finances."

- Our Misson 


Our mission is to transform the financial perspective of individuals in urban and underrepresented communities. Our goal is to faithfully and intentionally educate our consumers on financial literacy to aid in living more sustainable lives.   


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Tiara J.

FIIT Perspective is nothing short of amazing! Talaya is a wealth of knowledge and she is patient, kind and is with you every step of the way to make sure you are successful! In such a short time of working with her, my credit score increased by almost 100 points! Thank you again for all your help and hard work! I look forward to our continued relationship in helping me reach my credit score goals!

LaVonda W.

Listen, FIIT Perspective has changed the way I feel about my finances. I still fall and bump my head from time to time, but I've learned SO much the past several months! I now understand that my relationship with money is emotional, and I'm empowered when I'm in control of it! I'm forever grateful for Talaya and all the hard work and knowledge she freely shares! She's passionate about what does and truly wants to see people live in financial freedom! 

Reyna L.

“I’ve been working with FIIT for 8 months. I use a few of the services and  I really love and enjoy working with Talaya! I came to her with every financial problem I had. During my first month she explained in detail finances, credit rules and regulations, created a plan and I learned so much. Over time she has been so kind, truthful, relatable and very determined to help me in reaching goals that I thought were 5 years away. Working with her has really been a blessing! If you really want to improve  and tackle those financial, credit or business ideas, FIIT is it!!

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