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Credit Restoration is prevalent now more than ever in our society; however, maintaining good credit is key! Credit Restoration is a process of reconstructing and restoring your credit to a state where you can be able to afford your lifestyle with $0 down payments, low interest rates, and ease of mind by being at financial peace. For many restoring your credit can be a daunting task, but credit is inevitable. We can't hide from it; we must face our reality and take the first step to  restoration. 

Let me help you restore your credit while you learn. I will teach you the fundamentals  of credit, how to manage it, how to strategize with it and most of all, how to maintain it. You and I will work as a team to restore your credit from its damaged state.

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Benefits of monitoring your credit through FIIT Perspect​ive

  • Reduced monthly price of 21.99 (regular credit monitoring is 29.99/mo)

  • Real time credit alert notifications

  • Prevents identity theft

  • 3 Bureau Credit Reports and scores every month

  • ScoreCaster IQ- recommendations and simulation



Knowledge is key when it comes to restoring your credit. With our credit education and restoration program we will work with you one-on-one. You will learn the fundamentals of credit and how to properly use it as leverage to get everything you want and need in life. There are five major components of credit. Our program will help you create a strategy in each category to raise your score to a 700 and beyond.  Our book " So I graduated, Now what do I do?" is key to the credit restoration process. Learning how to dig yourself out of your financial distress is our # 1 goal and we will be with you every step of the way. Purchase your copy                and read your way to financial freedom.

FIIT Perspective, LLC is an affiliate with Identity IQ credit monitoring. We are here to help you restore and maintain good credit sign up for credit monitoring today.                             to lock in your rate for $21.99/mo.


  • Program initiation fee: $295

  • successful dispute item removal fee: $50

  • Starter Education and Dispute kit: $150

    • ​information update letter
    • standard dispute letter

    • Credit education kit

    • Book " So I graduated, Now what do I do?"

  • Individual disputer letters: $35

    • We have letters suitable for all circumstances such as:

    • collections 

    • medical bills

    • repossessions and more....


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P: 414-209-5290 

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