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One-on-One Consultation
1 hr

FIIT Consultation - 

In this service, we will discuss our services and your need to evaluate how we can help you most!

FIIT Assist -

FIIT Assist will help you become fiscally responsible by helping you get a grip on ALL of your finances. Even those small automatic withdrawals you always forget about! We will help you lay the foundation and organize your bills, track your expenses, create a budget and pay your bills on time every month. Let's not forget about education! Along the way we will teach you the fundamentals of good financial management so that you can get FIIT and stay FIIT.

FIIT Credit Restoration - 

DIY Credit Restoration Packets are for sale today for $375; packet includes over 17 different letters to repair your credit. You will still have a coach and education to take you to the 700 club.

Not enough time in the day? Let us help you restore your credit while you learn. Credit Restoration is prevalent now more than ever in our society; however, maintaining good credit is key! Let us teach you the fundamentals of how to maintain good credit while we work to restore your credit from its damaged state.

FIIT Books-

Book keeping for small businesses. Let us keep your business on track month in and out with FIIT book keeping. For individuals, this is a strategy session used for planning to organize, prioritize, pay off debt, 

FIIT Taxes -

Personal returns starting at $295 and Business Returns starting at $500. Taxes are mandatory and can be a burden for many. Allow us to ease your mind as we work together to get you FIIT. File your taxes with FIIT Perspective and receive 25% off any other service. We will file your return and secure your financial goals. 

FIIT Steps Financial Education Training Course -

Allow FIIT Perspeective to come to your office, school, church, community center or any other facility to train your audience on financial literacy. Our curriculum covers the following age groups:

  • Middle school

  • Highschool 

  • College Students

  • Working Professional




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