Are you paying your bills on time?

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Yesterday is the day before yesterday’s tomorrow, and tomorrow will be the day after tomorrow’s yesterday.

It's so easy to get caught up in regretting the fact that we didn’t do something we should have done yesterday, while also excessively worrying about what we will do tomorrow. There is nothing more precious than utilizing the time we have TODAY to do the things that we not only want to do, but NEED to do as well.....and with that being said, let’s ask ourselves why we put off paying our bills to another day, only for that day to come, and we either decide to once again delay for another day, OR we actually do want to make that payment, but now the money that was allotted for it, has magically dissolved into our “shopping fund”, and the cycle repeats itself.

Most topics in life have a high probability of creating polarizing opinions. Many things will draw a large portion of people to see it one way, and another group of people will see it the complete opposite. There are also those who fall somewhere in the middle, and are indifferent.

When it comes to paying bills though, you can probably bet all you've got on the majority of people, if not all, not enjoying paying bills. There probably aren’t a lot of people who get excited at the thought of forking over a portion of their hard earned money, and putting it in the pockets of someone who probably can barely fit it with the rest of the millions of dollars already in there.

However, for many adult Americans, the responsibility of paying your dues in exchange for a service, or a product, is just a fact of life; and just like all the other adult realities we must face in life, sometimes the best thing to do is cope with them, and find the most efficient way to make those things less of a headache than they have to be.

It’s no secret that procrastination only leads to your stress levels compounding as each day passes!

Aside from decreasing the potential stress that comes with those accumulating payments that pile up from being put off, the other obvious benefit of paying your bills on time is having a more direct route toward improving your credit score. Each on time payment made for each bill, definitely makes a difference in how your credit score is compiled.

Also, paying bills on time can help you better budget your funds, especially if you've put together an organizational system that assists you in tracking where all of your money goes each month. Paying your bills on time decreases having to worry so much about obsessively tracking your budget so many times a month, adjusting on the go in accordance with the timing of each bill you chose to pay late.

If you can, pick one or two days of the month that you will pay certain bills, and STICK TO IT!!!

Sure, sacrifices will have to be made sometimes, and needs will have to be accommodated for over wants, but in the long run, when you’ve taken care of your business, living within your means, you won’t be stuck with the heavy burden of lengthy payments towards stuff you couldn’t afford in the first place.

Here are a few tips that can help you start paying on time more frequently:

  • Make it a priority to sit down every month and pay your bills

  • Use a bill tracker app to stay on track.

  • Call your creditors and try to arrange a pay date that fits in your pay schedule.

  • The key is for the credit bureaus to see that you pay your bills on time. So, make sure all bills reporting to the credit bureau are paid FIRST, before any others.

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