FIIT Perspective was created for the people in our community who feel that they are stuck in a financial rut and don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It may be from lack of financial literacy education in our school system or the lack of financial skills taught from parents as we grew into adulthood. We at FIIT Perspective understand the struggle of everyday life. We juggle kids, work, activities, church, and relationships all day, so when do we have time to make sure our house is in order?


     FIIT Perspective is a Financial Literacy company that provides the fundamentals of living fiscally responsible. We help people understand concepts like Credit, Interest, Taxes, Insurance, and Investments. We are not advisors who suggest what you should do with your money, but rather educators who will assist you in living a more sustainable life. We are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and we are available for consultations.

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